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Boy, was I crabby yesterday. 

Today, I am just beat. For some reason, I slept only about two hours last night. Probably the body readjusting from my 5am-10am and 12:00pm-3:00pm sleep schedule on Sunday.  Crazy vivid dream. I was coming home; I knew it was home but I didn't recognize it. (No need to psychoanalyze that one - I'm never home). Turns out it was just a crazy juxtoposition of crap and furniture assembled outside. So, I went to sleep. I noticed the roommate come home and then a bunch of people showing up for a party. I just slept off and on through it. At one point, people were chasing and dancing around these multi-colored chickens. People started pairing off and fading into the woodwork. It snowed at one point, but I wasn't cold.

Hearing down in Markham this morning = Kangaroo Court.  The courtroom was stuffed with about 100 South Siders and a bailiff telling people every two minutes to sit down, spit out their gum, or turn their cell phones off. Traffic actually wasn't bad, but it took me almost the same time to drive 10 miles downtown as it did to find a parking spot in the Loop. Ack.  Yeah, ho-hum day.  Except for the multicolored chickens.
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