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Maybe I should have started up my LJing again when I wasn't continually run down.  I guess I anticipated graduating and passing the bar as a weight off my shoulders, which I guess it was, but now I'm staring down the barrel of a whole host of other unpleasantries. I hope maybe things will satisfactorily stabilize in another year or so. 

The birthday party was ho-hum. After three Blue Moons I was down for the count. I had to laugh, though, when we sent these girls off in a taxi, the taxi rounded the corner, stopped, and one jumped out to give Swanson her phone number. This may rival the humor of being locked out of Swanson's apartment at 5 in the morning. The roommate stumbled out of his room to let us in, followed shortly by the girlfriend who had passed out in her party dress. I woke up on the couch with my shoes on.  Good Times. 

They're sending me to the Burbs tomorrow to cover a hearing that was supposed to have been stricken. This means an hour less sleep for my already sleep-deprived self, urban combat driving on the Dan Ryan Expressway which needlessly puts my only real asset in this world (my car!) in moderate harm's way, and actually puts my admission to the bar in jeopardy twice over: 1) the danger of practicing law without a license (even though my boss insists I won't be if I tell them clearly that I'm not a lawyer yet), and 2) an incidental traffic violation which the Character and Fitness Committee can cumulate with my recent "turning against a sign" violation to deny me a law license.

Yes, I know, bitch, bitch, bitch.  I think my long work hours are finally taking a toll on my well-being and good humor.

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