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Pictures!, Progress on the Eastern Front and The Crack Bunker Meets Its Untimely Demise

(A smattering of pictures from my trip to Italy/Albania are up (here). I've also backdated my journal through the summer in case you missed it.)

The crack bunker is no more. We hardly knew thee.

I woke up last Tuesday, opened the shades, and the crack bunker, along with the two houses next to it, had been demolished to rubble. I feel like crossing the street, placing a picture on the fence, tying a ribbon around it, and placing flowers. Luckily, I have a picture to carry in my wallet.

After a busy week and a thunderous Thursday, I’m happy as a pig in shit. Monday I helped pull off an International Law Society meeting with a monster turn out. We had to procure food which summarily led to a snafu resulting in yours truly sucking up 60 bones in cost, to be compensated in three weeks. Your tax dollars at work. . .

Tuesday night I went in for a practice oral argument. Wednesday I met Tudor downtown at the Prudential building for lunch. Thursday, after my final oral argument and a thrilling one hour of tax class, I was done for the night (normally I’d suffer through two more hours of legal writing, but it was canceled because of our arguments). I ran into Karen who subtly suggested on getting drinks after her argument. I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid - I met her later and we went to Melnick’s for nachos and beer.

Connie, Connie’s hottie friend Dawn (from the wedding - spankings, anyone?), Sara, Cris, Emily, Mike, Keith, Adam, Susan, Lee, Stacy, and Dan were at the SBA (Galway Bay) when I got there. The only law students there were from our section: apparently the alcoholic section. Most of the night was spent on the couch with Connie and Dawn (talking, you fool! - or am I the fool?). Talked to Sara a little. After Thursday, I’m about as close as I could ever get to pulling off a dating hat trick in one weekend (which really isn’t that close, but for a yutz like myself. . .)
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