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Would The Tall Lithuanian Blonde Enter And Sign In Please

Mixed bag of a week. Wednesday I tagged along to Melnick's (around the corner from school) with Cris, Colleen, Emily, Christina, Mike G, and Andy (not a crowd I normally hang with). Megan G. and Heather stopped by later after a run (they go running after class).

I had my practice oral argument Thursday which went. . ., well, it's over. At least considering the lack of preparation, it went a’ight. After class I walked over to Spoon on Wells for the SBA. Karen, Emily, Sara, Sheila, and Erin (from section 2) were happily boothed in the corner. I talked to Karen for most of the night - fantastic girl. She's the tall (taller than me, anyway) blonde girl who used to be a dancer (the non-exotic type). Lithuanian. Can hold her liquor. Schmoozing with Mike, Connie, Emily, Keith, Susan, and Sara. Keith and I are sort of getting along. The world is a strange place. The place was very loud.

I was in a fantastic mood on Friday. Some weeks I feel like the time and energy I've spent getting to know people is just a waste and I really can't relate to anyone because I mumble, I’m moody, and I generally don’t say much. This week seemed to be going a lot better.

I met some people for an International Law Society Meeting in the morning, had lunch with Maria and this guy named Ethan after the meeting, went to the Merchandise Mart to get a new transit pass (lost about a week ago. . .) then headed home for some work.

From talking with Connie, it sounded like she was interested in seeing I Heart Huckabees this weekend. This led to an embarrassing call Saturday where she explained she was hanging out with her old roommate from CA. Embarrassing because I think she told me a couple times on Friday but it was too loud.

So I made lemonade and asked Sara out to dinner Saturday.

Friday night I ended up at the Lakeview Lounge on Broadway with Jenie, Tudor, and Sara. This place was awesome. It hadn’t been redecorated since the mid-70’s and the place still sports a bag of thirty-year-old pork rinds hanging on the wall. The band was a bunch of old geezers playing 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s stuff. It rocked my lame ass.

Saturday night I picked up Sara and we went to Strega Nona on Southport for Italian. The place was hopping. The food was fab and not too pricey. Sara called me on Karen. I didn’t say much. I’m not sure if Sara read dinner as a date or just friends going out. It ended Platonic-ly enough. Who knows? After dinner, I hopped over to Matt’s place (he moved to a place six blocks away) for a party. Matt, Tiffany, Charlie, Lily, Josh, and Tiffany’s roommate (hottie) were there. We stayed till three or so, then headed home.

Sunday, Sara and I went over to Target then did some grocery shopping. I was tired and no doubt made another dull impression. Oh well.

It’s going to be a bitch of a week: final oral argument, International Law Society Meeting, lunches, homework piling up. . . Calgon, take me away.
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