Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

Garden State-riffic

Busy week.
Tuesday we met with the ILS faculty advisor, Wednesday was an ILS officer meeting and lunch with Maria. Thursday night was at Kincade's, this cheeseball bar in Lincoln Park. On the way, Ben and I stopped at his favorite metal bar on Lincoln. I was in a foul mood for some reason and left early.

Friday I drove up to Madison for work and Jim's retirement party. It was quite the shindig. The food was fab (Caribbean), and a few people came out of the woodwork that I hadn't seen in quite a while. I had a blast. Stephanie, Kim, and I popped into Nick's for a drink afterwards. And following a quick dinner at Pelmeni and quick stop at Pete's, I drove back down to Chicago.

Saturday morning I was at school at 8:30 to pick up people from the public-service frat to drive them out to Harvey for a Habitat for Humanity gig. This guy Anwar showed up and we were off. The neighborhood wasn't too bad, though every once in a while you'd get that fresh, clean scent of crack smoke wafting by. We were mostly leveling the lawn, so it was pick and shovel work, which I didn't mind at all (having a great fear of tools). This girl named Rae was also there. It was a good time. Except for the Saturday afternoon traffic on the way home. Saturday night I met up with Charlie, Lily, Josh, Tanya, Ned, Dana, Matt, and Tiffany for Tanya and Dana's birthday at Hugo's Frog Bar. I can recommend the scallops and the twice baked potatoes but not the prices. Afterwards, Tanya, Charlie, these other random girls, and I walked over to the Hunt Club for a drink. We headed home and Matt and Matt A (Charlie's crazed roommate from Rome) came over for beer and MXC - the greatest show in all of explored space.

Sunday, was homework intensive. At 7, Connie and I went to see Garden State. Unbelievable. What a fab movie. I haven't seen a movie that good in a long time. And the company was stellar.
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