Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

Frank Lloyd Wright And More Spankings

Saturday, Jason endured some pre-pseudo-date errands and anxieties. I did feel bad leaving him to his own devices, though, armed with a good sense of direction, a good map, a key to my place, a drive downtown, and an ex-girlfriend in town (which he happened to hang out with Saturday night), I felt ever so slightly less a scumbag by abandoning him.

I picked up Connie and her friend Dawn, and summarily hit godawful traffic pretty much the whole way out to Oak Park. We ended up twenty minutes late, but in just enough time to see the nuptials and get a good look around the Universal Temple (Frank Lloyd Wright) where the ceremony was. We hopped back in the car, dropped Dawn off at home, found a parking spot which good until 10 am the next day (heh), and we were off to the reception at Salvatore's.

Holy Swank, Batman. This place was put together, as were pretty much everyone who was there. It was a J-Crew catalog gone wedding reception. I found out that most of the sorority sisters were there, which explained a lot. After more whiskey and ginger ales than I care to remember, I recollect dancing, spanking Dawn, and absconding with a table setting as we left. Hanging with Connie and her cats for a while I headed home. Thumbs up.

Sunday, Jason and I ordered out from Leona's and watched the Bears squeak one out at Lambeau. After strolling down Lincoln and hitting a record store in Roscoe Village, we hung out at Todd's place then walked over to Thai Linda for some chow. Jason went to hang with Amber down in Bucktown and I headed home.

Five am, Monday morning I spirited Jason to Midway. The sunrise over the lake on the way home more than made up for any inconvenience. At school I was pulled in to speak on behalf of the International Law Society. Considering my piss-poor public speaking ability, I think I did a bang up job and got some new recruits. Life was good.
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