Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

Thursday was the Loyola Block Party down on Pearson. Woo-hoo. Prohibitvely-long lines for free food, the rock stylings of Hooray For Everything, and lots of uppity day students. After class, I met Tanya, Lily, and Charlie at 1492, around the street from school for Tanya's birthday. I ran into Ben heading back and we decided to head down to UIC to Hawkeye's - one of Ben's haunts. It was all Preparation and no H, so we hopped down the street to Bar Louie for some chow, then hung up our hats for the night.

Friday Zach threw his annual Estival Festival. If the Peanut Gallery would remember my utter demise from last year's party thanks to a few bottles of cheap red wine, two Russian girls who drank like fish, and an unfortunate counter with Rina. I'm not sure how I got home. At any rate, like I've said, when Zach throws a party - strange and mysterious things happen to me. This one was no exception.

I helped Zach run some errands during the day. We effectively double my Karaoke selection and picked up a keg which was a source of no small amusement to me (rolling into a liquor store with a Rhodes Scholar and tapping a keg is just something that doesn't happen everyday). The party was hopping. There must have been close to a couple hundred people there at one point, between the party room and the deck around the pool. One of the Russian girls (good lord) from last year was there with her brother and sister in tow. At some random part of the evening a yelled to this girl that everyone was jumping in the pool. Walking by the pool later, I saw her swimming, in a swimsuit, mind, and she called my bluff. But I had brought my suit. Alcohol and swimming. Always a winning combination.

After some synchronized swimming (much to the amusement of the onlookers) we called it quits and went in to dry off. She didn't exactly follow me around, but I could tell she was always in my general area. At one point she had me cornered and, after a few minutes, we exchanged phone numbers and that was that. Her name is Sydney. One of the girls from class was meanwhile getting a very public spanking a couple of feet away half the time we were talking. What a blast.

Sara was there and hopelessly drunk by the end of the night. Apparently she was pinned to some random guy outside. Had it been any other night I may have well lost it. But, things were good. I sent her off with Charlie while Ben, Maria, Zach, and I cleaned up the holy mess. Zach, Maria, and I went for breakfast at the Nugget down the street and then called it a night.

Today was a Costco run and dinner at El Tapatio with Charlie, Lily, and Lily's boyfriend Josh who just moved to Chicago from LA to go to grad school.
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