Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

Am I Junior High Enough Yet?

Crazy week. Tuesday, I met Connie for brunch. Walking up to the library to study, we ran into Sara (who I had just been complaining about to her) and Connie sits down right next to her. Charlie swings by. I glance over there and Charlie nods. I left and went to study with Charlie for a while. I met Stephanie and Jen who had rolled into town and we drove up to Reza's in Andersonville for lunch. They came down to school with me and sat in on my federal income tax class where we found out the tax consequences of paying for a will in tuna (Long Story). Steph and Jen left the second hour to do some sightseeing. After class we all went out with Julia, Zach, and Sara to Pizano's down the street for some za.

Wednesday, we took the train down to Clark and Division and walked up past the mansions on Astor to the Museum of Surgical Science for lots of gory paintings and Gallstones the size of softballs (well, not quite). After lunch at Russian Tea Time and a stroll through Millennium Park, we started our death march along the lake shore to Navy Pier. By the time we'd walked the length of Navy Pier and back, we were some tired pups. We hopped on a trolley, then made our way back up north. They left a little while after.

Thursday morning the craziness continued. Charlie had flown his sister up from Tampa because of Hurricane Frances. He booked her a flight Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning at 9, she was here in Chicago. After some drama at the parking lot subsided (I had driven into school because I was late and had left the claim check at the kiosk when I ran off to class: he kept the ticket, thank God. . .) I met Charlie, Elise (his sister) and a couple of her friends at El Tapatio on Ashland. Thursday night was at Barleycorn.

Friday morning Charlie and Elise left for St Louis for the weekend. I kicked back and watched the Surreal Life marathon. Somehow, I got addicted to that show. Maybe because I knew I should have been doing other things. Today was more of nothing, though I watched The Butterfly Effect with Felisha upstairs.

Tonight was low key. I ended up watching Butterfly Effect with Felisha upstairs.
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