Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

CTA Meltdown

Last Tuesday Sara talked me into running downtown and getting schoolbooks. We went to visit Jenie at work, grabbed our books, then settled into Flapjaws for a beer, waiting for Jenie to get off work. We met Nicole and Carol over at McCormick and Schmick's for dinner. Pete, who was stopping in town on his way to Indy, called and I struck out for home. I got to the Chicago Red Line stop and the platform was packed like a Vietnamese express bus. After A While, I managed to squeeze onto an inordinately packed train. Slow. Very slow. Stop at Clark and Division. Let a couple more freaks get on. Slow. Slow. Train stops at North and Clybourn. Doors open. Twenty minutes pass and the driver finally gets on the voiceover and says the train is going no farther. Mass exit. Getting topside a downpour starts and everyone scurries for cover. I run across the street and duck onto a bus heading north. Belmont. No trains running. Walk to Southport and catch the Brown Line. An hour and a half from the time I left I meet Pete at the Starbucks down the street from my place. So, I treat him to dinner at O'Donovan's and we call it a night. Cripes.

Wednesday we made our way down to Millennium Park, walked to Giordano's for lunch, made a quick pass through Chinatown, then headed home and Pete was on his way.

Thursday night I went over to Sara's for pictures.

Friday I walked up to Andersonville and met Sara, Jenie, and Tudor at Calo for dinner. Everyone else decided to turn in early. So I walked home and waited for Charlie who was on his way back from St. Louis.

Saturday morning, Jenie, Tudor, and I went over to Sara's place and helped her move some things over from her sister's apartment, and do some "handyman" up the place. After a brief stop at the bagel shop on Montrose, Sara and I trained in down to Chinatown to meet some people from class for Dim Sum. After dropping by school, I went back downtown and met Charlie, Tanya, Matt, Tiffany, and Dana at Rock Bottom for dinner. When all the womenfolk left, Charlie, Matt and I went to Goose Island where things get a little hazy. Let's just say Charlie fell asleep on the bathroom floor when we got home.
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