Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

Macho Calligraphy

Drove back up to Minneapolis last Friday. Dad and I ran over to the Renaissance Festival. After an action, in yo-face Calligraphy lesson, we took in Wacky Chickens, the Tortuga Twins, Zilch, some Scotch Eggs, Mead, Turkey Legs, and the King’s Nuts. It was Highland weekend, so we stopped by the Caber Toss and Stone Throw. Saturday was Rob’s Birthday party. Martin, Hutch, Jake Dau, Belsaas, and Dave Hering showed up. It’s interesting to watch people from high school age.

Sunday morning I went to see Grandma C, then drove over to Martin's friend Forrest's house to move a shed which was quickly followed up by a Halo session: two projector TV's, eight players, nothing but mayhem. I actually didn't do that bad. Well, better than I thought I would. Afterwards, I stopped by Grandma K's then headed home.

Monday I drove back to Chicago, stopping in Madison and meeting up with Brad, Carole, and Pete at Sukho Thai for dinner.
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