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Mr. Wickets' Journal

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Sunday, October 28th, 2007
7:05 pm
Out sick on Wednesday. First time in about three years or so.  I'm still not feeling really well. 

Two people came back for clerk interviews Thursday. Friday, the 400-pound gorilla case was back on (the trial that's been going on for 13 months).  Had to schlep the 400 trial exhibits back and forth. Five trips to the courthouse and eating lunch at 4 pm. Charlie's friend Damon came into town for the weekend. In the ensuing carousing the past two days, I've relapsed back into my cold or whatever the heck I had and have pretty much lost my voice. Friday night was Mystic, Schoolyard, and Big City. Stopped at Tony's Burrito Hut at around 3, which was surrounded by about five black-and-whites (we apparently had just missed a huge throw down). Saturday, Swanson, Damon, Arthur, and Arthur's friend Brian went to the Pompeii down at UIC, the Blackhawks game, Junior's for their Halloween party, and some other place to cap off the evening. Only been down in that area once or twice before; I liked it. When we got home, Arthur discovered he had lost the digits for the girl scout he'd been working all evening; part of a hoochie mama cadre that, much to the amusement of all involved, was seated directly across from us about fifteen minutes after we got there. Thigh-high stockings all around.  After two more pitchers at the second place, we declined the St. Pauli Girl's invitation to party back in the UIC dorms (I guess out old man circuits were kicking in) and we ambled home.  It was nice being out and social, but I'm hitting the wall now.  Supposed to see Pat McCurdy tomorrow - we'll see if I'm functional.

current mood: enervated

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
3:42 pm - Uff.
Boy, was I crabby yesterday. 

Today, I am just beat. For some reason, I slept only about two hours last night. Probably the body readjusting from my 5am-10am and 12:00pm-3:00pm sleep schedule on Sunday.  Crazy vivid dream. I was coming home; I knew it was home but I didn't recognize it. (No need to psychoanalyze that one - I'm never home). Turns out it was just a crazy juxtoposition of crap and furniture assembled outside. So, I went to sleep. I noticed the roommate come home and then a bunch of people showing up for a party. I just slept off and on through it. At one point, people were chasing and dancing around these multi-colored chickens. People started pairing off and fading into the woodwork. It snowed at one point, but I wasn't cold.

Hearing down in Markham this morning = Kangaroo Court.  The courtroom was stuffed with about 100 South Siders and a bailiff telling people every two minutes to sit down, spit out their gum, or turn their cell phones off. Traffic actually wasn't bad, but it took me almost the same time to drive 10 miles downtown as it did to find a parking spot in the Loop. Ack.  Yeah, ho-hum day.  Except for the multicolored chickens.

current mood: exhausted

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Monday, October 22nd, 2007
8:58 pm - Blurp.

Maybe I should have started up my LJing again when I wasn't continually run down.  I guess I anticipated graduating and passing the bar as a weight off my shoulders, which I guess it was, but now I'm staring down the barrel of a whole host of other unpleasantries. I hope maybe things will satisfactorily stabilize in another year or so. 

The birthday party was ho-hum. After three Blue Moons I was down for the count. I had to laugh, though, when we sent these girls off in a taxi, the taxi rounded the corner, stopped, and one jumped out to give Swanson her phone number. This may rival the humor of being locked out of Swanson's apartment at 5 in the morning. The roommate stumbled out of his room to let us in, followed shortly by the girlfriend who had passed out in her party dress. I woke up on the couch with my shoes on.  Good Times. 

They're sending me to the Burbs tomorrow to cover a hearing that was supposed to have been stricken. This means an hour less sleep for my already sleep-deprived self, urban combat driving on the Dan Ryan Expressway which needlessly puts my only real asset in this world (my car!) in moderate harm's way, and actually puts my admission to the bar in jeopardy twice over: 1) the danger of practicing law without a license (even though my boss insists I won't be if I tell them clearly that I'm not a lawyer yet), and 2) an incidental traffic violation which the Character and Fitness Committee can cumulate with my recent "turning against a sign" violation to deny me a law license.

Yes, I know, bitch, bitch, bitch.  I think my long work hours are finally taking a toll on my well-being and good humor.

current mood: cranky

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Saturday, October 20th, 2007
4:59 pm - Bleh.
Woke up to the doorbell this morning. Landlord Larry was there with his little four month strapped to him in a little papoose cocoon. The ceiling in our bathroom has been leaking and the plumbers came in.  Unfortunately this was the only day I would have been able to get more than 6 hours of sleep in two weeks. I actually had to watch the baby for a bit - if you can imagine me and a baby sitting on a couch, staring at each other, trying to size each other up. 

Chores involving three weeks of laundry, loads of trash, preening for the birthday party this evening, and a room I could barely walk around in. 

Standing at the L stop this afternoon, in a bit of a bad mood, this girl was waving her hands in front of me, got my attention, and asked if my name was Tim. She then asked if I was a transvestite. Heh. She and the gaggle of girls with her were apparently on a scavenger hunt. I wonder how they needed to document that one.

Six-way birthday party at Matilda's tonight. Meeting Swanson for Mexican chow before hand. While on the phone with him this afternoon, he informed that the decor listed for the place on Metromix is "gay/lesbian." I told him I'd been to the place before and hadn't noticed anything particularly gay about. It's not stopping us going, but I now will never live down the fact that I suggested dinner at a gay Mexican restaurant. 

At any rate, not feeling particularly social - just tired and run-down. Still working ridiculous hours, though a new clerk may be starting soon. Two girls came in to interview, both good hires. Do I go with the blonde or the brunette? 


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Friday, October 19th, 2007
9:27 pm - Is this thing on?

And. . . we’re back.


If anyone’s still reading this, let me know.


Hmmm, Can I recap since October of 2004. . . Two weddings in Kansas City, one once-in-a-lifetime trip to Chile,  two fun-filled weeks back home in MN, one wedding in Minneapolis, one backpacking trip to Isle Royale, four weeks of an un-freaking believable roadtrip out west, one term as international law society president, two semesters of public interest law review, one trip to Vegas, two semesters of the international law review, one corn maze, seven days of intensive trial practice, one friend divorced, one Romanian Prince, one fabulous canoe trip to Ontario, more mice in my house than I care to count, three more years of law school, three trips to Detroit – America’s Vacationland, one new cranky roommate, two weddings in Chicago, 15 months of 60-hour work weeks and dire sleep deprivation, one date with a Russian ballerina, two months of bar review, one incredibly swanky wedding in Virginia, one donut swiped by a Supreme Court Justice, one trip to our nation’s capitol, one trip to the City that Never Sleeps, one successful bar exam, one unspeakable mountain of student loans, one job offer accepted, one de-luxe office in the sky (well, not _that_ deluxe), two friends with new children, no funerals, half-an-inch off my hairline, a bit more confidence, a slight appreciation for golf, and probably five to seven years off my life.

I guess that's plenty for a Come Back Special.  Some pictures are here: http://community.webshots.com/user/stickywickets


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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
12:04 am - In the trenches
I had to do something.

Since you can’t swing a bag of dead ferrets in Chicago without hitting a democrat, I made myself useful and drove to the Labor Council in Milwaukee Tuesday morning.

About fifteen minutes after getting to Kerry HQ I was back on the road and heading down to the 231st Ward (Grange/27th) with a soccer mom named Carol. The neighborhood wasn’t bad and we were working from a list of registered/suspected supporters. The list wasn’t foolproof and I had to step around the orange and black “Sportsmen For Bush” signs, lest a renegade redneck suburbanite bust a cap in my ass and drop me like a sack of potatoes on the front lawn.

The killer house had to be the little old lady with the “I voted” sticker. She said: “I voted for the good one!” Smiles all around. Said sweet old lady looks down at my Kerry sticker: “Oh, no, not him.” Maybe I should have beaten some sense into her with her cheap, red, leatherette handbag.

At one point a truck full of rough-looking types rolled by, three guys in the flat bed. They asked me if I was polling the neighborhood. I figured if they were Bush supporters, I’d end up searching for my teeth two blocks away. If I ever left the hospice, that is. Turns out they were union guys who were “getting out the vote.” Yahh. At least we were on the same team.

Getting back to the Labor Council, we made some emergency calls to the poll watchers. I then beat astronomical odds and was not grouped with any of the fly granola honeys for line-holding (helping keep the folks in line at the polls). After being dispatched to the far reaches of town, we were done for the night. I headed to HQ downtown at the Midwest Express Center. I ran into my old legal research instructor who’d been in town a week working for the DNC. He’d been one of the lawyers stationed at a polling place to look for irregularities. It was fun, but the mood was downright tense. I busted out of there about midnight for the drive back to Chicago.

And yes, I alone am responsible for the 297,260 democratic votes cast in Milwaukee County.

I’ll leave my political rant for another day. . .

current mood: tired

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Friday, October 15th, 2004
6:57 pm - Pictures!, Progress on the Eastern Front and The Crack Bunker Meets Its Untimely Demise
(A smattering of pictures from my trip to Italy/Albania are up (here). I've also backdated my journal through the summer in case you missed it.)

The crack bunker is no more. We hardly knew thee.

I woke up last Tuesday, opened the shades, and the crack bunker, along with the two houses next to it, had been demolished to rubble. I feel like crossing the street, placing a picture on the fence, tying a ribbon around it, and placing flowers. Luckily, I have a picture to carry in my wallet.

After a busy week and a thunderous Thursday, I’m happy as a pig in shit. Monday I helped pull off an International Law Society meeting with a monster turn out. We had to procure food which summarily led to a snafu resulting in yours truly sucking up 60 bones in cost, to be compensated in three weeks. Your tax dollars at work. . .

Tuesday night I went in for a practice oral argument. Wednesday I met Tudor downtown at the Prudential building for lunch. Thursday, after my final oral argument and a thrilling one hour of tax class, I was done for the night (normally I’d suffer through two more hours of legal writing, but it was canceled because of our arguments). I ran into Karen who subtly suggested on getting drinks after her argument. I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid - I met her later and we went to Melnick’s for nachos and beer.

Connie, Connie’s hottie friend Dawn (from the wedding - spankings, anyone?), Sara, Cris, Emily, Mike, Keith, Adam, Susan, Lee, Stacy, and Dan were at the SBA (Galway Bay) when I got there. The only law students there were from our section: apparently the alcoholic section. Most of the night was spent on the couch with Connie and Dawn (talking, you fool! - or am I the fool?). Talked to Sara a little. After Thursday, I’m about as close as I could ever get to pulling off a dating hat trick in one weekend (which really isn’t that close, but for a yutz like myself. . .)

current mood: happy

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
12:34 am - Would The Tall Lithuanian Blonde Enter And Sign In Please
Mixed bag of a week. Wednesday I tagged along to Melnick's (around the corner from school) with Cris, Colleen, Emily, Christina, Mike G, and Andy (not a crowd I normally hang with). Megan G. and Heather stopped by later after a run (they go running after class).

I had my practice oral argument Thursday which went. . ., well, it's over. At least considering the lack of preparation, it went a’ight. After class I walked over to Spoon on Wells for the SBA. Karen, Emily, Sara, Sheila, and Erin (from section 2) were happily boothed in the corner. I talked to Karen for most of the night - fantastic girl. She's the tall (taller than me, anyway) blonde girl who used to be a dancer (the non-exotic type). Lithuanian. Can hold her liquor. Schmoozing with Mike, Connie, Emily, Keith, Susan, and Sara. Keith and I are sort of getting along. The world is a strange place. The place was very loud.

I was in a fantastic mood on Friday. Some weeks I feel like the time and energy I've spent getting to know people is just a waste and I really can't relate to anyone because I mumble, I’m moody, and I generally don’t say much. This week seemed to be going a lot better.

I met some people for an International Law Society Meeting in the morning, had lunch with Maria and this guy named Ethan after the meeting, went to the Merchandise Mart to get a new transit pass (lost about a week ago. . .) then headed home for some work.

From talking with Connie, it sounded like she was interested in seeing I Heart Huckabees this weekend. This led to an embarrassing call Saturday where she explained she was hanging out with her old roommate from CA. Embarrassing because I think she told me a couple times on Friday but it was too loud.

So I made lemonade and asked Sara out to dinner Saturday.

Friday night I ended up at the Lakeview Lounge on Broadway with Jenie, Tudor, and Sara. This place was awesome. It hadn’t been redecorated since the mid-70’s and the place still sports a bag of thirty-year-old pork rinds hanging on the wall. The band was a bunch of old geezers playing 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s stuff. It rocked my lame ass.

Saturday night I picked up Sara and we went to Strega Nona on Southport for Italian. The place was hopping. The food was fab and not too pricey. Sara called me on Karen. I didn’t say much. I’m not sure if Sara read dinner as a date or just friends going out. It ended Platonic-ly enough. Who knows? After dinner, I hopped over to Matt’s place (he moved to a place six blocks away) for a party. Matt, Tiffany, Charlie, Lily, Josh, and Tiffany’s roommate (hottie) were there. We stayed till three or so, then headed home.

Sunday, Sara and I went over to Target then did some grocery shopping. I was tired and no doubt made another dull impression. Oh well.

It’s going to be a bitch of a week: final oral argument, International Law Society Meeting, lunches, homework piling up. . . Calgon, take me away.

current mood: disappointed

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
1:10 am - Three Months of Backdated Reading Pleasure
Dear Reader,

Through pages and pages of arcane chicken scratchings, booze-impaired recollections, anal attention to detail, and a really, really, overwhelming aversion to studying at the moment, I've brought my LJ up to speed. The first new backdated entry is on 6/18 methinks. Please note, the writing lacks any flair whatsoever.

Please know that I feel compelled to document my sorry existence only because I feel my law school years a) are cathartic and b) document the occasional fun I'm having which will be tremendously important to me in a couple years when all fun shall instantaneously stop until I retire.

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1:06 am - Holy Living Crap! I'm Caught Up With My Livejournal!
Things are finally slowing down a little. Last Thursday though, had all the makings of the day from hell. Luckily, it didn't turn out that way. My 30-page legal brief was due, I was due to present a 10-minute oral argument on the same brief, and I was "on-call" in my federal tax class (meaning I was supposed to field questions for half-an-hour). Because of a reception they were holding, tax class only ran about 25 minutes, I ended up answering two whole, my paper was finished with no last minute worries, and the argument turned out be a round-table discussion with the whole class. Zippity-Do-Dah! I skipped on Thursday night SBA. It was supposed to be at the White Star Lounge, but R Kelly showed up last minute and the cover apparently ran up to 50 bones. I made the mistake of buying the Sims 2. I have to say I've been good about budgeting my time, though.

Friday Charlie left for Miami. I was toying with the idea of going with him. . . he was going to Liz's Med School dance with the three of Liz's hot, single, and (apparently) horny med-student/heiress friends. It sounded pretty boring, so I decided to stay home. (The airfare wasn't the problem, I was just so brutally behind on homework, etc). I feel a little vindicated since I guess a number of guys were in tow and Charlie spent most the weekend either at a mall or fixing Liz's car tire.

Friday night I went to Robby's birthday party. It was straight out of undergrad: lots of tube tops, cheap beer, blonde bobs (haircuts, you boob!), loud music, and they even turned the lights down. It was a mixed blessing when they ran out of beer. Twice actually. The second beer run just couldn't put a dent in the clientele.

Saturday morning, I went over to Julia's for brunch. Jenie, Tudor, and Sara were there and a couple students Julia's husband Adam knew from med school. The food and the company was first rate.

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Monday, September 27th, 2004
12:00 pm - Garden State-riffic
Busy week.
Tuesday we met with the ILS faculty advisor, Wednesday was an ILS officer meeting and lunch with Maria. Thursday night was at Kincade's, this cheeseball bar in Lincoln Park. On the way, Ben and I stopped at his favorite metal bar on Lincoln. I was in a foul mood for some reason and left early.

Friday I drove up to Madison for work and Jim's retirement party. It was quite the shindig. The food was fab (Caribbean), and a few people came out of the woodwork that I hadn't seen in quite a while. I had a blast. Stephanie, Kim, and I popped into Nick's for a drink afterwards. And following a quick dinner at Pelmeni and quick stop at Pete's, I drove back down to Chicago.

Saturday morning I was at school at 8:30 to pick up people from the public-service frat to drive them out to Harvey for a Habitat for Humanity gig. This guy Anwar showed up and we were off. The neighborhood wasn't too bad, though every once in a while you'd get that fresh, clean scent of crack smoke wafting by. We were mostly leveling the lawn, so it was pick and shovel work, which I didn't mind at all (having a great fear of tools). This girl named Rae was also there. It was a good time. Except for the Saturday afternoon traffic on the way home. Saturday night I met up with Charlie, Lily, Josh, Tanya, Ned, Dana, Matt, and Tiffany for Tanya and Dana's birthday at Hugo's Frog Bar. I can recommend the scallops and the twice baked potatoes but not the prices. Afterwards, Tanya, Charlie, these other random girls, and I walked over to the Hunt Club for a drink. We headed home and Matt and Matt A (Charlie's crazed roommate from Rome) came over for beer and MXC - the greatest show in all of explored space.

Sunday, was homework intensive. At 7, Connie and I went to see Garden State. Unbelievable. What a fab movie. I haven't seen a movie that good in a long time. And the company was stellar.

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Monday, September 20th, 2004
12:00 pm - Frank Lloyd Wright And More Spankings
Saturday, Jason endured some pre-pseudo-date errands and anxieties. I did feel bad leaving him to his own devices, though, armed with a good sense of direction, a good map, a key to my place, a drive downtown, and an ex-girlfriend in town (which he happened to hang out with Saturday night), I felt ever so slightly less a scumbag by abandoning him.

I picked up Connie and her friend Dawn, and summarily hit godawful traffic pretty much the whole way out to Oak Park. We ended up twenty minutes late, but in just enough time to see the nuptials and get a good look around the Universal Temple (Frank Lloyd Wright) where the ceremony was. We hopped back in the car, dropped Dawn off at home, found a parking spot which good until 10 am the next day (heh), and we were off to the reception at Salvatore's.

Holy Swank, Batman. This place was put together, as were pretty much everyone who was there. It was a J-Crew catalog gone wedding reception. I found out that most of the sorority sisters were there, which explained a lot. After more whiskey and ginger ales than I care to remember, I recollect dancing, spanking Dawn, and absconding with a table setting as we left. Hanging with Connie and her cats for a while I headed home. Thumbs up.

Sunday, Jason and I ordered out from Leona's and watched the Bears squeak one out at Lambeau. After strolling down Lincoln and hitting a record store in Roscoe Village, we hung out at Todd's place then walked over to Thai Linda for some chow. Jason went to hang with Amber down in Bucktown and I headed home.

Five am, Monday morning I spirited Jason to Midway. The sunrise over the lake on the way home more than made up for any inconvenience. At school I was pulled in to speak on behalf of the International Law Society. Considering my piss-poor public speaking ability, I think I did a bang up job and got some new recruits. Life was good.

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Friday, September 17th, 2004
12:00 pm - A Date With Rodan
Sunday I had to run by Zach's and return the keg. I called Sydney and we set a date for Wednesday. Wednesday morning I made my run for Treasurer of the International Law Society and won. After class, Sydney picked me at school (ironically while talking to Sara). We went this place up in Wicker Park - crazy mood lighting and lots of boom-cha, boom-cha, boom-cha music. I thought things went well, but she e-mailed me a few days later and said that our schedules were too different. Not sure if that's the real reason, but at least I got an interesting week out of it.

This interesting week, however, wasn't over yet. After class on Thursday, I went over to Flapjaws with Jenie's friend Steve and Michelle. After Steve and I grabbed a bite to eat, I just about headed home, but decided to head out the SBA thing at Sheffield's. Sara brought some hunkering dude that she used to work with (whom, a few days later, she described as an asshole). After cheesing it up with a 3L named Alyson and Ben, Connie sauntered over. She let it fly that her pseudo-boyfriend in California wasn't coming to this wedding she was going to on Saturday. Under the influence of a gratuitous Jaegerbomb, I blurted out that I would go with her if she wanted someone to go with. She said yes. Not exactly a date, but the irony of having a date and one pseudo-date with two different women in one week after a two-year dry spell was pretty damn strange.

Friday was a fantastic day. I went down to school to grab my laptop and ran into Connie. I just hopped the lakeshore bus with her north and walked the twelve or so blocks home. Jason had winged in from California and showed up at my door with Pete a couple of hours later. We went down to Gino's East, walked up Michigan, popped into the Apple Store, and then met up with Todd for the White Sox Game (a see-saw barn-burner which they lost to the Tigers). Coming back home, Pete left to go back up to Madison and the rest of us walked over to O'Donovan's for a night cap.

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Saturday, September 11th, 2004
12:00 pm - Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!
Thursday was the Loyola Block Party down on Pearson. Woo-hoo. Prohibitvely-long lines for free food, the rock stylings of Hooray For Everything, and lots of uppity day students. After class, I met Tanya, Lily, and Charlie at 1492, around the street from school for Tanya's birthday. I ran into Ben heading back and we decided to head down to UIC to Hawkeye's - one of Ben's haunts. It was all Preparation and no H, so we hopped down the street to Bar Louie for some chow, then hung up our hats for the night.

Friday Zach threw his annual Estival Festival. If the Peanut Gallery would remember my utter demise from last year's party thanks to a few bottles of cheap red wine, two Russian girls who drank like fish, and an unfortunate counter with Rina. I'm not sure how I got home. At any rate, like I've said, when Zach throws a party - strange and mysterious things happen to me. This one was no exception.

I helped Zach run some errands during the day. We effectively double my Karaoke selection and picked up a keg which was a source of no small amusement to me (rolling into a liquor store with a Rhodes Scholar and tapping a keg is just something that doesn't happen everyday). The party was hopping. There must have been close to a couple hundred people there at one point, between the party room and the deck around the pool. One of the Russian girls (good lord) from last year was there with her brother and sister in tow. At some random part of the evening a yelled to this girl that everyone was jumping in the pool. Walking by the pool later, I saw her swimming, in a swimsuit, mind, and she called my bluff. But I had brought my suit. Alcohol and swimming. Always a winning combination.

After some synchronized swimming (much to the amusement of the onlookers) we called it quits and went in to dry off. She didn't exactly follow me around, but I could tell she was always in my general area. At one point she had me cornered and, after a few minutes, we exchanged phone numbers and that was that. Her name is Sydney. One of the girls from class was meanwhile getting a very public spanking a couple of feet away half the time we were talking. What a blast.

Sara was there and hopelessly drunk by the end of the night. Apparently she was pinned to some random guy outside. Had it been any other night I may have well lost it. But, things were good. I sent her off with Charlie while Ben, Maria, Zach, and I cleaned up the holy mess. Zach, Maria, and I went for breakfast at the Nugget down the street and then called it a night.

Today was a Costco run and dinner at El Tapatio with Charlie, Lily, and Lily's boyfriend Josh who just moved to Chicago from LA to go to grad school.

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
12:00 pm - Steffie Trees A Hobo
Sunday morning, bright and early I made a run for the border. I decided to take the scenic route up to Stephanie's graduation party at Wyalusing State Park and drove up the Great River road through Iowa. Well, Davenport to Dubuque. It was sunny, clear, and a perfect day for a Sunday drive. Lots of bikers, hills, and curvy backroads. Steph and her dad were there fighting with a screen porch which we finally managed to get up. I took a short hike along the bluffs where the Wisconsin meets the Mississippi, and met up with Stephanie's grandparents and other relatives later at the lodge where we pulled up some lawn chairs, sucked down a few beers, and shot the shit.

The next day, Kim from work and Stephanie's friend Monica rolled into town for lunch. After stuffing ourselves, and running down to a couple of the overlooks, most of the relatives took off, and Stephanie, Kim, Stephanie's sister Jen, and Monica sat around looking at Kim's pictures from her trip to Mexico this past summer. At one point, Ranger Bob came buy in his Rangermobile and started casing the cars. Stopping behind Monica's he came out and busted her for having expired tabs. Ranger Bob made her drive into town, on Labor Day, and track down new tabs. Buford T. Justice had a better bedside manner than this guy. Kim and Monica took off a little after. After another short hike, we settled in for dinner, fired up the, well, bonfire, and speculated at the source of the rustlings around the campsite. At one point Stephanie treed a hobo. Well, that's what I, with my acute hearing, heard. . .

The next day I drove Jen back down to O'Hare and steeled myself for another week.

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
12:00 pm - Am I Junior High Enough Yet?
Crazy week. Tuesday, I met Connie for brunch. Walking up to the library to study, we ran into Sara (who I had just been complaining about to her) and Connie sits down right next to her. Charlie swings by. I glance over there and Charlie nods. I left and went to study with Charlie for a while. I met Stephanie and Jen who had rolled into town and we drove up to Reza's in Andersonville for lunch. They came down to school with me and sat in on my federal income tax class where we found out the tax consequences of paying for a will in tuna (Long Story). Steph and Jen left the second hour to do some sightseeing. After class we all went out with Julia, Zach, and Sara to Pizano's down the street for some za.

Wednesday, we took the train down to Clark and Division and walked up past the mansions on Astor to the Museum of Surgical Science for lots of gory paintings and Gallstones the size of softballs (well, not quite). After lunch at Russian Tea Time and a stroll through Millennium Park, we started our death march along the lake shore to Navy Pier. By the time we'd walked the length of Navy Pier and back, we were some tired pups. We hopped on a trolley, then made our way back up north. They left a little while after.

Thursday morning the craziness continued. Charlie had flown his sister up from Tampa because of Hurricane Frances. He booked her a flight Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning at 9, she was here in Chicago. After some drama at the parking lot subsided (I had driven into school because I was late and had left the claim check at the kiosk when I ran off to class: he kept the ticket, thank God. . .) I met Charlie, Elise (his sister) and a couple of her friends at El Tapatio on Ashland. Thursday night was at Barleycorn.

Friday morning Charlie and Elise left for St Louis for the weekend. I kicked back and watched the Surreal Life marathon. Somehow, I got addicted to that show. Maybe because I knew I should have been doing other things. Today was more of nothing, though I watched The Butterfly Effect with Felisha upstairs.

Tonight was low key. I ended up watching Butterfly Effect with Felisha upstairs.

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
12:00 pm - Back In The Saddle
The first week of school. It was good to see everyone again, though a little strange. The class has gotten decidedly more cliquey. I guess the summer tested the relationships. We're still all together for Criminal Law and Property (Mon, Wed), but many people switched to full time and have Advocacy (Legal Writing), Federal Income Tax, and Business Organizations at different times. The party train that used to issue out of class on Thursday night to the nearest bar is no more, though enough people show up at the Thursday night bar night.

Monday, Mike, Connie, Rob, and I hit Flapjaws after class where Mike regaled us with stories of the Bonesetter he saw out in the sticks in Ireland who fixed his back. After dinner and some law banter with Terry at Flapjaws on Thursday, I went to the SBA at Mystic Celt on Southport. Friday morning, after work and watching some court TV shows with Charlie, I picked up Sara (and Zach who called at the last minute and needed a ride) to this Russian Place up in Skokie. Back in Italy, the girls talked about doing a Russian night at this fancy place: multi-course meal, 1 bottle of wine, 1 bottle of vodka, and 1 bottle of champagne. It was a little pricey, but the cheesy Russian hit-parade cover band made up for the price of admission. Sara, however, was acting strange and standoffish. When I dropped her off, I was close to calling her on it, but she seemed determined to get out of the car as soon as possible, so I let it go.

Saturday, I was in a foul mood and spent some of the evening walking down Michigan in the drizzling rain. Later that night I met Charlie, Matt, Tiffany, and Matt A (Charlie's roommate from Rome) at Kerryann and Bryan's (two third-years who Charlie met in Rome). The night was spent sitting out on their porch, sucking down beer, and poking fun at Olympic Rhythm Gymnasts. It was a sorely-needed night away from my bad mood and brewing woman troubles.

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
12:00 pm - CTA Meltdown
Last Tuesday Sara talked me into running downtown and getting schoolbooks. We went to visit Jenie at work, grabbed our books, then settled into Flapjaws for a beer, waiting for Jenie to get off work. We met Nicole and Carol over at McCormick and Schmick's for dinner. Pete, who was stopping in town on his way to Indy, called and I struck out for home. I got to the Chicago Red Line stop and the platform was packed like a Vietnamese express bus. After A While, I managed to squeeze onto an inordinately packed train. Slow. Very slow. Stop at Clark and Division. Let a couple more freaks get on. Slow. Slow. Train stops at North and Clybourn. Doors open. Twenty minutes pass and the driver finally gets on the voiceover and says the train is going no farther. Mass exit. Getting topside a downpour starts and everyone scurries for cover. I run across the street and duck onto a bus heading north. Belmont. No trains running. Walk to Southport and catch the Brown Line. An hour and a half from the time I left I meet Pete at the Starbucks down the street from my place. So, I treat him to dinner at O'Donovan's and we call it a night. Cripes.

Wednesday we made our way down to Millennium Park, walked to Giordano's for lunch, made a quick pass through Chinatown, then headed home and Pete was on his way.

Thursday night I went over to Sara's for pictures.

Friday I walked up to Andersonville and met Sara, Jenie, and Tudor at Calo for dinner. Everyone else decided to turn in early. So I walked home and waited for Charlie who was on his way back from St. Louis.

Saturday morning, Jenie, Tudor, and I went over to Sara's place and helped her move some things over from her sister's apartment, and do some "handyman" up the place. After a brief stop at the bagel shop on Montrose, Sara and I trained in down to Chinatown to meet some people from class for Dim Sum. After dropping by school, I went back downtown and met Charlie, Tanya, Matt, Tiffany, and Dana at Rock Bottom for dinner. When all the womenfolk left, Charlie, Matt and I went to Goose Island where things get a little hazy. Let's just say Charlie fell asleep on the bathroom floor when we got home.

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Monday, August 16th, 2004
12:00 pm - Macho Calligraphy
Drove back up to Minneapolis last Friday. Dad and I ran over to the Renaissance Festival. After an action, in yo-face Calligraphy lesson, we took in Wacky Chickens, the Tortuga Twins, Zilch, some Scotch Eggs, Mead, Turkey Legs, and the King’s Nuts. It was Highland weekend, so we stopped by the Caber Toss and Stone Throw. Saturday was Rob’s Birthday party. Martin, Hutch, Jake Dau, Belsaas, and Dave Hering showed up. It’s interesting to watch people from high school age.

Sunday morning I went to see Grandma C, then drove over to Martin's friend Forrest's house to move a shed which was quickly followed up by a Halo session: two projector TV's, eight players, nothing but mayhem. I actually didn't do that bad. Well, better than I thought I would. Afterwards, I stopped by Grandma K's then headed home.

Monday I drove back to Chicago, stopping in Madison and meeting up with Brad, Carole, and Pete at Sukho Thai for dinner.

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
12:00 pm - The Crave Case, My Old Nemesis
Last Saturday I drove back down to Chicago from Minneapolis. Thursday I met Jenie and Tudor over at Hopleaf Bar. As I was coming in, Jenie, being her usual spastic self, yelled out: “Braaayyaaaan.” Unfortunately, she tipped over a huge Hefeweizen glass with all but two sips in it. The carnage was amazing. We had a good laugh, then schmoozed over dinner.

Friday afternoon Mr. Leege and company rolled into Dodge. I met Brad’s cousin Greg down at Goose Island for a pint. We rendezvoused with Brad and Carole up at the homestead and then it was off to Base at the Hard Rock Hotel for a little Butch Walker. Greg follows Butch around which is quite a feat considering Butch never travels much farther west than Minneapolis and Greg lives in Seattle. The show was great and our timing was fabulous. Walking back up Michigan, we made a late-night pizza stop before heading home.

Saturday morning all of us took a stroll through Millennium Park, then hit Russian Tea Time for lunch. After stuffing ourselves on Pelmeni, Stroganoff, and the Russian Combo Platter for the 1st People’s Army Division we made a brief stop at the Mac Store, headed home to primp, and then left for the proper Butch Walker concert at The Abbey. The tickets had the wrong time stamped on them, so we ended up waiting in line for about an hour-and-a-half before the doors opened. First row balcony. The show was great - I hadn’t seen him with a live band before.
After the show, we descended on White Castle for some gastronomic horror that can only be called: The Crave Case. 30 White Castle Cheeseburgers. Five of them would kill your average child or small woman. Despite the heroic efforts of Brad and Greg (who ate about eight each), Carole and I managed about five each and couldn’t stomach anymore.

About two hours after getting home, Greg and I were on the road to catch his early morning flight out of Midway. The drive back was a stunning sunrise over the lake and downtown bathed in soft orange light. After a nap, Brad, Carole and I walked up the street to the Golden Angel. After Brad Carole headed back to Madtown, I drove up north to Julia and Adams for a barbecue. Tudor grilled up some mean meat and corn. Nicole, Micah, Jenie, Tudor, were there and Sara, who was finally back from Europe - the first time I’d seen her since. We’d been e-mailing back and forth the whole summer, but it was awkward.

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