Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets


Woke up to the doorbell this morning. Landlord Larry was there with his little four month strapped to him in a little papoose cocoon. The ceiling in our bathroom has been leaking and the plumbers came in.  Unfortunately this was the only day I would have been able to get more than 6 hours of sleep in two weeks. I actually had to watch the baby for a bit - if you can imagine me and a baby sitting on a couch, staring at each other, trying to size each other up. 

Chores involving three weeks of laundry, loads of trash, preening for the birthday party this evening, and a room I could barely walk around in. 

Standing at the L stop this afternoon, in a bit of a bad mood, this girl was waving her hands in front of me, got my attention, and asked if my name was Tim. She then asked if I was a transvestite. Heh. She and the gaggle of girls with her were apparently on a scavenger hunt. I wonder how they needed to document that one.

Six-way birthday party at Matilda's tonight. Meeting Swanson for Mexican chow before hand. While on the phone with him this afternoon, he informed that the decor listed for the place on Metromix is "gay/lesbian." I told him I'd been to the place before and hadn't noticed anything particularly gay about. It's not stopping us going, but I now will never live down the fact that I suggested dinner at a gay Mexican restaurant. 

At any rate, not feeling particularly social - just tired and run-down. Still working ridiculous hours, though a new clerk may be starting soon. Two girls came in to interview, both good hires. Do I go with the blonde or the brunette? 

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