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In the trenches

I had to do something.

Since you can’t swing a bag of dead ferrets in Chicago without hitting a democrat, I made myself useful and drove to the Labor Council in Milwaukee Tuesday morning.

About fifteen minutes after getting to Kerry HQ I was back on the road and heading down to the 231st Ward (Grange/27th) with a soccer mom named Carol. The neighborhood wasn’t bad and we were working from a list of registered/suspected supporters. The list wasn’t foolproof and I had to step around the orange and black “Sportsmen For Bush” signs, lest a renegade redneck suburbanite bust a cap in my ass and drop me like a sack of potatoes on the front lawn.

The killer house had to be the little old lady with the “I voted” sticker. She said: “I voted for the good one!” Smiles all around. Said sweet old lady looks down at my Kerry sticker: “Oh, no, not him.” Maybe I should have beaten some sense into her with her cheap, red, leatherette handbag.

At one point a truck full of rough-looking types rolled by, three guys in the flat bed. They asked me if I was polling the neighborhood. I figured if they were Bush supporters, I’d end up searching for my teeth two blocks away. If I ever left the hospice, that is. Turns out they were union guys who were “getting out the vote.” Yahh. At least we were on the same team.

Getting back to the Labor Council, we made some emergency calls to the poll watchers. I then beat astronomical odds and was not grouped with any of the fly granola honeys for line-holding (helping keep the folks in line at the polls). After being dispatched to the far reaches of town, we were done for the night. I headed to HQ downtown at the Midwest Express Center. I ran into my old legal research instructor who’d been in town a week working for the DNC. He’d been one of the lawyers stationed at a polling place to look for irregularities. It was fun, but the mood was downright tense. I busted out of there about midnight for the drive back to Chicago.

And yes, I alone am responsible for the 297,260 democratic votes cast in Milwaukee County.

I’ll leave my political rant for another day. . .
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