Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

A Date With Rodan

Sunday I had to run by Zach's and return the keg. I called Sydney and we set a date for Wednesday. Wednesday morning I made my run for Treasurer of the International Law Society and won. After class, Sydney picked me at school (ironically while talking to Sara). We went this place up in Wicker Park - crazy mood lighting and lots of boom-cha, boom-cha, boom-cha music. I thought things went well, but she e-mailed me a few days later and said that our schedules were too different. Not sure if that's the real reason, but at least I got an interesting week out of it.

This interesting week, however, wasn't over yet. After class on Thursday, I went over to Flapjaws with Jenie's friend Steve and Michelle. After Steve and I grabbed a bite to eat, I just about headed home, but decided to head out the SBA thing at Sheffield's. Sara brought some hunkering dude that she used to work with (whom, a few days later, she described as an asshole). After cheesing it up with a 3L named Alyson and Ben, Connie sauntered over. She let it fly that her pseudo-boyfriend in California wasn't coming to this wedding she was going to on Saturday. Under the influence of a gratuitous Jaegerbomb, I blurted out that I would go with her if she wanted someone to go with. She said yes. Not exactly a date, but the irony of having a date and one pseudo-date with two different women in one week after a two-year dry spell was pretty damn strange.

Friday was a fantastic day. I went down to school to grab my laptop and ran into Connie. I just hopped the lakeshore bus with her north and walked the twelve or so blocks home. Jason had winged in from California and showed up at my door with Pete a couple of hours later. We went down to Gino's East, walked up Michigan, popped into the Apple Store, and then met up with Todd for the White Sox Game (a see-saw barn-burner which they lost to the Tigers). Coming back home, Pete left to go back up to Madison and the rest of us walked over to O'Donovan's for a night cap.
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