Mr. Wickets (stickywickets) wrote,
Mr. Wickets

Steffie Trees A Hobo

Sunday morning, bright and early I made a run for the border. I decided to take the scenic route up to Stephanie's graduation party at Wyalusing State Park and drove up the Great River road through Iowa. Well, Davenport to Dubuque. It was sunny, clear, and a perfect day for a Sunday drive. Lots of bikers, hills, and curvy backroads. Steph and her dad were there fighting with a screen porch which we finally managed to get up. I took a short hike along the bluffs where the Wisconsin meets the Mississippi, and met up with Stephanie's grandparents and other relatives later at the lodge where we pulled up some lawn chairs, sucked down a few beers, and shot the shit.

The next day, Kim from work and Stephanie's friend Monica rolled into town for lunch. After stuffing ourselves, and running down to a couple of the overlooks, most of the relatives took off, and Stephanie, Kim, Stephanie's sister Jen, and Monica sat around looking at Kim's pictures from her trip to Mexico this past summer. At one point, Ranger Bob came buy in his Rangermobile and started casing the cars. Stopping behind Monica's he came out and busted her for having expired tabs. Ranger Bob made her drive into town, on Labor Day, and track down new tabs. Buford T. Justice had a better bedside manner than this guy. Kim and Monica took off a little after. After another short hike, we settled in for dinner, fired up the, well, bonfire, and speculated at the source of the rustlings around the campsite. At one point Stephanie treed a hobo. Well, that's what I, with my acute hearing, heard. . .

The next day I drove Jen back down to O'Hare and steeled myself for another week.
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